ICF Installation


Let The Hybrid Group Inc Handle Your ICF Installation.



Because of the superior work we produce, we are the best choice for ICF installation for other Contractors and for Owner-Builders. We handle subcontract ICF installations across the Southeastern states. Need ICF work in another area? Give us a call and we’ll discuss it.

We are a TN Licensed General Contractor (Industrial, Commercial & Residential), and know what your reputation means to you; we will provide you a top quality installation that will make your company look great.

Whether you need a tornado saferoom in a new house, or you have 100,000 square feet of walls to install on a commercial building, The Hybrid Group Inc is all you need to know about ICF. Don’t try to install ICF’s without the proper equipment and training. Some ICF manufacturers try to sell it as a “do it yourself” system, but if you wouldn’t form and pour your job with conventional forms, don’t try it with ICF either.

We prefer to work with Integraspec ICF, and can supply the ICF materials for your project if requested. We can also provide professional installation of any ICF that is specified for your job.

ICF Subwork we frequently do includes:
Tornado saferoom with concrete top
• Basements (or partial basements) 

Exterior walls only (with footings by us or by others)
 Large Commercial Buildings

Why use ICF instead of concrete block (CMU)?

CMU is OK for lots of applications, but for a saferoom or basement even CMU corefilled with concrete and rebar does not come close to the strength and integrity of a poured in place walls