At The Hybrid Group Inc, we intend to bring energy efficiency into the mainstream of light commercial building.



Commercial Buildings typically have much higher heating/cooling costs, per square foot, than homes. A large part of this is due to the inefficiency of common commercial building methods; Steel frame buildings with vinyl faced roll insulation (compressed under the purlins), and CMU (concrete block) construction are standards, but perform terribly.

Unfortunately, many builders and designers are stuck in the “this is how we’ve always done it” mentality.

Many Architects are reluctant to suggest new and improved methods because they don’t know builders with expertise in these areas. We are here to solve these problems.

If you are planning a new building for your Church or business we would like to help you save 50% (or more) on your monthly heating/cooling expenses. We can show you how to build a stronger, safer, more comfortable building without adding any cost to the monthly expenses.

If you are planning a new tenant occupied building (and the tenant is paying the electric & gas bills), it might be hard to justify extra building expenses for energy saving upgrades. The good news is that many improvements do not cost anything extra, and you get a longer lasting, more trouble free building.

In 2009 and 2010 we built two Churches, one with ICF walls and spray foam insulation, the other a typical pre-engineered steel frame building. Though the same size, the ICF building consistently has heating/cooling bills that are less than half the cost of the more common building type. We want to make that superior performance standard in the light commercial sector.

Our building solutions are ideal for Churches, daycare, offices, schools, or most other commercial applications.

Why not use a conventional formed concrete wall?

ICF gives you the strength of a poured in place wall with the insulation and framing (to attach drywall) already in place. The insulation is also a perfect base for stucco.