We build custom residential homes for discerning Homeowners.



The Hybrid Group Inc is a fully Licensed and Insured Tennessee General Contractor.

Our typical client has done their homework. They have investigated different building methods, and understand the benefits of ICF construction. They have some knowledge of spray foam insulation, Geothermal heating/cooling, solar, and LED lighting. We are here to help you make the right decisions to maximize your building budget and get the house you want. The building choices you make now will determine the performance of your house for generations to come. We can also help with drawing or modifying building plans as necessary.

Many Residential Home Builders like to overuse the word quality, but at The Hybrid Group, Inc we are as concerned with the details that will never be seen as with the beautiful finishes that you will enjoy every day. Quality construction means more to us than surface deep details like luxury countertops and wide fancy molding.

As one example of an unseen detail that we work hard on, Please go to the footing details gallery. We designed this rebar detail ourselves for the strongest footings and footing/wall connection in the industry.

Have you seen any other Builders bragging about how strong their footings are? That is what the foundation sits on; it carries the whole house, and ours are the strongest out there.

At the Hybrid Group, Inc, we sweat the small stuff for you. We believe if it’s not done “Just Right” then it’s “Just Wrong”. We self install the most important structural components of each Home, insuring that the most critical elements are not overlooked.

Because of the superior work we produce, we are the number one choice for ICF installation for many Residential Owner-Builders and other Contractors. We handle subcontract Residential & Commercial ICF installations all over the southeast.

What are the benefits of ICF homes?

Safety – Severe weather resistance
Savings – 50% + savings on heating & cooling Comfort – No temp. swings or cold spots
Healthy – Improved indoor air quality
Green – More Efficient construction and operation Versatile – Any style home can be built with ICF’s